Kathy Kelly Artist  AFCA  NWWS

This west coast artist, whose early work consumes nature’s pallet in water colors and collage textures, now brings forth nature’s fiery, emotive and sensual forms in today’s acrylic painting styles.  Through learning elements of design at Emily Carr in her youth and by nurturing her inquiring mind in the assimilation of new concepts of all types of texture and media composition, she arrives as an advanced and professional artist.  Kathy Kelly integrates the knowledge of principles of color, structure and value into her compositions.   Her philosophy, education, awards, training and memberships attest to her uniqueness in the development of her own ideas.  Though these ideas remain within the mainstream of tradition, they always challenge the viewer to look beyond Kathy Kelly’s style demonstrates a bold and unique talent, one who always draws on an accomplished versatility and discipline.

The tactile experience of her youth, her unique way of visioning nature and of linking nature with history and time has provided a watershed of painting styles and aspects of intrigue.  Natural subjects range from Pacific Northwest rainforest, to Atlantic Coast seascapes, to interior plateau forests, rivers, mountains, and wildlife habitat that exhibit unique textures and perspectives.  Her philosophical look at nature includes works that illustrate music in time such as the award winning “African Beat”, biographies such as the award winning paintings of the Lady Catherine series (Ireland), and spiritual such as “Soul Catchers “(Japan).

The Paintings attract the attention of interested public to her subjects, style and recognizable quality.